Main Topics

Ø   The Current of the Application of Seed Treatment in China

 Mr. Wang Fengle, Director of Pesticides and Application Equipment, The National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center

Ø  The Absorption and Translocation of Seeds Coating Agents

 Dr. Yang Daibin,Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

Ø  The Solution and Application of Seed Treatment for Corn Production in China

 Prof. Jin Qiming, Institute of Plant Protection of Jilin Academy of Agricultural Science

Ø  The Impact of Seed Treatment Formula Technologies on Roots Health

 Dr. Chou Jingyu,Director of Formulation R &D Division of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry

Ø  The Detection of Main Pathogenic Bacteria of Stem Rot Disease and the Analysis of Dominant Populations in Huang-Huai-Hai Main Maize Production Areas

 Prof. Shijie, Institute of Plant Protection of Hebei Academy of Agricultural Science

Ø  Biotechnology and Seed Treatment

     Prof. Wang Xianfeng,Plant Protective Station of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Bureau

Ø  The Current and Development of Rice Seed Treatment

 Ms. Yi Meiqin, Manager of Bayer Crop Science (China) Co., Ltd.

Ø  The Development and Application of Seed Coatings Innovation

 Mr. Han Xiang,General Manager of Seed Coating Division of Sinochem International Crop Care Company Limited

Ø   Seed Health Technology and Future Agriculture Services

 Dr. Chen Xiaofeng,General Manager of Shenzhen Colorful Aspects and Seed Guardian Co., Ltd.

Ø   The Development Opportunities of Seed Treatment: Create Customized Integrated Seed Solutions

      Dr. Zhu Chunyu, Technology Manager of BASF (China) Co., Ltd.