China International Seed Health & Trade Development Conference

Back Ground:

As a means of crop protection, seed treatment technology has become an important way to improve pesticide utilization efficiency and reduce pesticide consumption due to its characteristics of small dosage, high accuracy and efficiency, prevention ahead of schedule and safety to the environment and users. The Action Plan for Zero Growth of Pesticide Use by 2020 promulgated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also clearly pointed out that scientific adoption of seed treatment technology and reduction of pesticide application times in the middle and later stages are one of the key tasks of the "Three Promotions" to achieve zero growth of pesticide use. As a new seed treatment technology, biological seed treatment products can not only reduce the used amount of chemical pesticides, but also stimulate the potential of crops and greatly increase crop yields. This field has developed rapidly in recent years. These advantages have prompted seed treatment agents to become a new hot spot in the global agrochemical industry.

At the request of the majority of enterprises and according to the needs of industry development, the Seminar will hold the 5th International Seminar on Seed Treatment Technology together with China Association of Pesticide Development and Application. This seminar will invite domestic and foreign famous experts, scholars and representatives of well-known enterprises in seed treatment technology R&D to introduce the role of domestic and foreign seed treatment technologies in crop protection solutions and research and application of special dosage forms, analyze the application of seed treatment technology in different crops, common problems and countermeasures, share the application prospects of new pesticides, new technologies and biological products in the field of seed treatment, promote exchanges and experience sharing among seed treatment technology industries, reduce pesticide usage and protect the healthy growth of crops.

Date: March 5, 2019

Venue: M42 Conference Room, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Theme: Promote seed treatment technology and keep the seed growth healthy

Co-Organizer: China Association of Pesticide Development and Application

Title Sponsor: Shenzhen Colorful Aspects And Seed Guardian Co., Ltd.


Sinochem International Crop Care Company Limited

Henan Zhongzhou Seed Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Main Topics:

Ø  The Current of the Application of Seed Treatment in China

     Mr. Wang Fengle, Director of Pesticides and Application Equipment, The National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center

Ø  The Absorption and Translocation of Seeds Coating Agents

     Dr. Yang Daibin,Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

Ø  The Solution and Application of Seed Treatment for Corn Production in China

     Prof. Jin Qiming, Institute of Plant Protection of Jilin Academy of Agricultural Science

Ø  The Impact of Seed Treatment Formula Technologies on Roots Health

     Dr. Chou Jingyu,Director of Formulation R &D Division of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry

Ø  The Detection of Main Pathogenic Bacteria of Stem Rot Disease and the Analysis of Dominant Populations in Huang-Huai-Hai Main Maize Production Areas

     Prof. Shijie, Institute of Plant Protection of Hebei Academy of Agricultural Science

Ø  Biotechnology and Seed Treatment

     Prof. Wang Xianfeng,Plant Protective Station of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Bureau

Ø  The Current and Development of Rice Seed Treatment

     Ms. Yi Meiqin, Manager of Bayer Crop Science (China) Co., Ltd.

Ø  The Development and Application of Seed Coatings Innovation

     Mr. Han Xiang,General Manager of Seed Coating Division of Sinochem International Crop Care Company Limited 

Ø   Seed Health Technology and Future Agriculture Services

      Dr. Chen Xiaofeng,General Manager of Shenzhen Colorful Aspects and Seed Guardian Co., Ltd.

Ø   The Development Opportunities of Seed Treatment: Create Customized Integrated Seed Solutions

  Dr. Zhu Chunyu, Technology Manager of BASF (China) Co., Ltd.

Participants: General managers, formulation R & D personnel, new technology development personnel and marketing personnel of domestic and foreign pesticide companies. General managers, new technology development personnel and marketing personnel of domestic and foreign seed coasting manufacturers. General managers, R & D personnel and marketing personnel of domestic seed-breeding companies. R & D personnel, experts and scholars of related scientific research institutes in the field of seed treatment technology. Trade practitioners related to seed treatment technology. Representatives of relevant industry associations and government agencies.